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11:03am 01/05/2005
mood: sad/pissed off/tired
I'm very sad pissed off and tired :(
06:37pm 29/04/2005
mood: listening to GREEN DAY!
hey pepple im gonna go to tommy's b-day fo shizzle!!!im so excited! i was talking to kian earlier and he finally belives that i dont hate him but hes sooooooooo consided!! but hes still cool. oh yeah me and daniela finally got the band off the ground but we need a drummer[ alex hint hint] its so awesome!! its called the regrets!!!! so thats all love my bitch alex!!muah!<3333333
today was ok   
08:06pm 28/04/2005
mood: anxious
today was not that bad tommy wasnt here and so wasnt alex so that was the bad part and i might not gonna be able to go to tommy's b-day party it really suckz man. so that all talking to my bitch[alex] lol. i love that bitch!
happy birthday!!!!!   
07:45pm 27/04/2005
mood: dorky
today was tommy's b-day hes finally 13! so that's cool his party is this saturday. Also today i was walking home with him, richard, matt, and my sister. And tommy, richard, and matt kept running into trees and bushes. it was so wierd and matt put his blood on me it was soooooooooooooooooooooo gross! it would'nt come off but now it did. that's all losers.
07:09pm 25/04/2005
mood: still sick
XoChckn: hey how u feelilng?
xwhatzername: sick
XoChckn: liar! jk
XoChckn: whats wrong
xwhatzername: tummy
XoChckn: oh period!
xwhatzername: no
XoChckn: well i still hope u feel better
xwhatzername: ok
xwhatzername: who is robert
XoChckn: my bf
xwhatzername: best/ pr boi/f
XoChckn: what?
XoChckn: boyfriend
xwhatzername: oh
xwhatzername: is he hott
XoChckn: yeah lol yeah
xwhatzername: u must show me this dude
XoChckn: lol i will tall, blonde, blue eyes
xwhatzername: sounds gangster
XoChckn: no he looks like a totally white boy
xwhatzername: wangster?
xwhatzername: or
xwhatzername: wigger?
XoChckn: no hes into ur type of heavy metal crap ]
xwhatzername: oh yeah
xwhatzername: i like this kid already
XoChckn: lol
XoChckn: hes like into pantera and metallic
xwhatzername: o
xwhatzername: i like metallica
XoChckn: cool
XoChckn: u too would get along perfectlyu
xwhatzername: is he fat?
XoChckn: no
xwhatzername: doe she like cheese?
XoChckn: she? i dunno if HE likes cheese
xwhatzername: if he does i think we will get along
XoChckn: lol ur a loser
xwhatzername: no just aperson who likes cheese and dislikes fatties
XoChckn: lol
XoChckn: ur mean
xwhatzername: no im just honest
XoChckn: lol weres ur sis?
xwhatzername: at the bakery
XoChckn: with who?
xwhatzername: the muffin man
XoChckn: lol u need a life
xwhatzername: no i just kno the muffin man
xwhatzername: hes pretty fat
XoChckn: lol i know the lady that lived in the boot
xwhatzername: damn she must smell
XoChckn: lol yup she does
xwhatzername: so if u stink i kno y
XoChckn: lol haha not funny
xwhatzername: maybe it is funny just not 2 u ever thoguht about that young padwon
XoChckn: lol yeah
xwhatzername: you have learn well my young appritence
XoChckn: lol my god u need to get out more
xwhatzername: no i just watched star wars today
XoChckn: why?
xwhatzername: becuz i wanted to
XoChckn: lol loser
XoChckn: that makes u a special kid
xwhatzername: hey
xwhatzername: its the damn coolest movie ever
XoChckn: no way
xwhatzername: your the loser
XoChckn: i know
XoChckn: i'm talking to u
xwhatzername: wait
xwhatzername: this is one of those word traps
xwhatzername: MUST ESCAPE!
XoChckn: lol
XoChckn: lol
XoChckn: brb
xwhatzername: fine
xwhatzername: i see how it is
XoChckn: i love u
xwhatzername: on the dark side
XoChckn: lol
xwhatzername: lo
xwhatzername: u have to admit that was a good one
XoChckn: yeah
XoChckn: it was
XoChckn: brb
xwhatzername: ok
XoChckn is away at 7:05:22 PM.

toxicxtears4u: ok
toxicxtears4u: like what were we saying earlier
xwhatzername: stuff
xwhatzername: why do u want to hear it again so u can copy and paste it to lindsay
toxicxtears4u: no
xwhatzername: right
toxicxtears4u: lindsay talks shit about u
xwhatzername: i kno hahah i was not allowing her direct connection there is no need to make me barf again
toxicxtears4u: hahahahahahahahahaha
xwhatzername: i was wasnt trying to be funny it was the turth
xwhatzername: truth*
toxicxtears4u: lol
xwhatzername: i bet yur gonna copy and paste it to her
xwhatzername: i dont care if u do
toxicxtears4u: im not
toxicxtears4u: damn
toxicxtears4u: ur my best friend she thinks she is
toxicxtears4u: but dont tell her
toxicxtears4u: she thinks shes my best friend but u are
xwhatzername: actually i kind of do want u to copy and paste that to her too piss her of
xwhatzername: lol dont we all kno that
toxicxtears4u: ok well i got paris hilton and nicole richies and ashlee simpson's s/n
toxicxtears4u: and i told her that and she said to tll her
xwhatzername: look what the ugliness said linniebutt13: now im not gonna say sry cuz i didnt do non ok and i dont need a freind like u cuz iiiii have alex that is not a freken bak stabber like u
linniebutt13: and i have paige
linniebutt13: so for get u omfg im just so scared you dont even liek her
xwhatzername: that cool
xwhatzername: she tries soooooooooooooooooo hard to act hard but shes a freaking wigger
xwhatzername: W
xwhatzername: I
xwhatzername: G
xwhatzername: G
xwhatzername: E
xwhatzername: R
xwhatzername: lol r u gonna tell her thier s/n's
toxicxtears4u: no
xwhatzername: awesome
xwhatzername: linniebutt13: byye
linniebutt13: fagit
linniebutt13: gosh she says that and im not even saying anything she basically taLKING TO HERSELF WHAT A LOSER
xwhatzername: L : loser I : impatient N : no friends D : dumb S : so wants to be black A : a wigger Y : you hate her and so do i
xwhatzername: that spells lindsay!
xwhatzername: what a conwinsidence!
09:47am 25/04/2005
mood: sick
havent updated in a while ahdi's house was fun. daniela's b-day was last monday also tommy asked me out on her b-day so we have been going out for a week. Daniela's party was on saturday it was fun we found out cayle likes her but another dude geogre likes her and she chose geogre but he is way uglier than cayle and hes fat cayle is not so i was mad when she picked him. that pretty much all that happened, also this wendesday is tommy's b-day and his party is on saturday, so that will be fucking awesome. Also today i am out from school because my tummy hurts so freakin bad...ouch.
ahdi's house   
04:21pm 15/04/2005
mood: busy
hey people im at ahdi's it is fun write later we are having fun. tell u bout it laterz.
kevin toghia!!!!   
06:05pm 14/04/2005
mood: blank
i wrote a song about kevin toghia and he liked it....
Another day in the life of me   
08:50pm 13/04/2005
mood: pissed off
Today was ok i went to daniela's again it was wierder today. so right now im talking to some people my friends wish came true and im here wishing my wish would come true. damn love suckz n hurts.... so thats all im just pretty pissed but not mad. so i guess tomorrow will be ok.
Daniela's house   
06:12pm 12/04/2005
mood: exhausted
Today i went to daniela's house and we played Xbox it was fun. We played Halo2 and my name was: yurmomgoes2colge dnaiela's was: unodamnrite and my sister's was iloveyou it was fun daniela always won! Then we played soccer with her bro and his friend casar. we kicked ass and they kept saying the were gonna own us but we owned them. then we played tackle soccer and me and daniela kept kicking them i kicked them so hard christina was a baby. haha. i made his friend casar eat dirt it was awesome. so thats all folks
In class   
06:43pm 11/04/2005
mood: dancing
In first period me and daniela always talk and NEVER get in trouble. i mean we laugh talk loud and hit each other and we have never ever got in trouble. Mr. kang is so stupid but hes cool he reminds me of william hung one day just one day mr. kang will jump on a desk and start singing she bangs she bangs you'll see.
totally redesigned livejournal   
07:30pm 10/04/2005
mood: accomplished
I just finished re-designing my new livejournal, it's all new and i deleted all my old entries so its all new. This weekend was awesome alex came over and we had so much fun. We stayed up late watched tv got up at like 9 on saturday and 8 on sunday we had a lemonade stand and only made 92 cents from my sister's no one wanted any and it was at 6 at night so that was un-successfull also on saturday we went to the mall i got some things from hollister and abercrombie like shirts and a bathing suit. We also took pictures and my binder is full of us. i need to get some pictures with hayley, alexa, daniela, and my other friends. so i guess that's all comment on how you like the new lay-out.